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Final Sale Gustus Vitae Gourmet Sea Salt
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.25 with

Final Sale Gustus Vitae Gourmet Sea Salt
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.25 with

Product Details

Since our beginnings at the Venice Beach Farmer’s Market, our sustainably sourced, Non-GMO products have lead the category in sustainability, health, functionality, and quality.

Blue Cheese: Sprinkle on for the perfect combination of creamy, sharp and salty Our unique, all-natural Blue Cheese Sea Salt is unlike anything you’ve tried before–a delicious, deeply savory blend of dried, powdered blue cheese and California Sea Salt. All of the best flavors of blue cheese–creamy, tangy, and sharp–are complimented and carried by our gourmet sea salt.

Greek Tzatziki: Get Greek with your Salt! We've captured the all-natural soul of tzatziki and carefully combined it with our California sea salt to bring you this: Greek Tzatziki Sea Salt. A fitting tribute to the Grecian isles, this sea salt brings wonderful flavor to vegetables, fresh salads, chicken and white fish, and authentically delivers all of the very best flavors of the taverna.

Ocean Salt: We are proud to announce the release of industry-first: Probiotic Ocean SaltTM. Crafted from fine Pacific Ocean sea salt, the addition of selected probiotic enzymes (at least 15 Billion CFU/gram) provide myriad health benefits, without altering the taste. Among those benefits:
- supporting digestive health
- supporting the immune system
- aiding in protein utilization as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Use as you would any salt. Make probiotics part of your life the easy way.

Jalapeno: Living in SoCal, we use jalapeños all the time to punch up mealtime. Our gourmet Green Jalapeño Sea Salt is an all-natural way to add heat and jalapeño's unmistakably delicious flavor to mealtime, without the hassle of chopping any up, worrying if you're going to inadvertently go overboard with heat or sorrow of sorrows, accidentally touch your eyes after slicing. Nope - our Green Jalapeño Sea Salt skips all that and goes straight to flavor, so you can easily adjust how much heat you'd like add.

Green Goddess: Has long been our go-to for salad dressings, so it was only a matter of time before we decided we needed to distill one of our favorite flavors into a gourmet seasoning salt. Richly herbaceous, with a satisfying tang from the sour cream, this is one of those seasonings that we find ourselves putting on everything.

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