Shield Stick on Vitamin
Shield Stick on Vitamin

Shield Stick on Vitamin

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Shield Stick on Vitamin: Things that make us feel better a bowl of soup, the company of a good friend, and a Shield Vitamin Patch! This powerful Shield Patch can help you shake off that under-the-weather feeling and return to feeling like your best self.

Packed with vitamins that work for you, not against you. Help boost, soothe, and improve yourself with stick-on vitamins.  For best result stick on to a part of the body with little to no hair, ideally above the heart. Examples are chest, shoulder, bicep, and shoulder blade. A great option for those who have a hard time swallowing pills, stomaching oral vitamins, or who have leaky gut - poor absorption from ingested items.

 These Plant-Powered patches are made in the USA without carriers, no fillers, no artificial flavors, no GMOs.

Each package contains a 28-day supply of Patches.


* Zinc Picolinate

* C

* D3

* Pterostilbene

* Oregano Oil  

Made in the USA.